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June 1, 2011
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3 Year Difference. by tobisempai 3 Year Difference. by tobisempai
[[as seen on my tumblr]]
Okay, so my friend Lisa/CC and I had a sleepover, and we were looking through my really really REALLY old sketches that I drew over the years. Today, I recently said that we should take a random drawing and draw it in our current style. IDK if Lisa wants me to upload hers, but here’s mine!
I reached in the 18 inch pile of drawings, and I got the picture that is on the left of the meme. It’s a picture of “Mike Doom/the Kakashi lookalike” and “Clone RJ/ Dr. Ratio” from a series of weird dreams I had my sophomore year in high school. They were reoccuring characters in these dreams.

I think I drew this my junior year of high school. It looks pretty bad (in my case anyway. They have no hips, and their shoulders are quite detached are just some of the many critiques I can make on this).
But of course, everyone improves over time! I guess when I look at old drawings, I immediately critique what I see wrong, which, in turn, makes myself know what I can improve and practice on the next time I draw.
Today, when Lisa and I redrew these old drawings, my outcome was what was on the right.

Welp. Jeez, whoa, when did I draw like that!? Lisa’s turned out as awesome as mine. I like her cos she’s into detail and starting to draw semi-realistic! I wish I can. I’m more into poses and I still draw anime-ish (in a sense!?) Hah, that was always our thing, she was better at details and I was better in poses. I guess we improved in our own “field of expertise”, to say the least, over the years. It really shows.

It’s surely something to see old drawings, cos, well, for me, I look back at it and I have three initial reactions: “WTF KIND OF STYLE IS THAT!?” and “Whoa, I used to draw like that, and thought that was amazing.” and “____ was what I was having trouble drawing.” (Something among those lines anyway. It’s more like, “WTF IS THAT” “I THOUGHT THAT WAS AMAZING!?” “WHOA, THAT ARM/LEG/WHATEVER LOOKS LIKE CRAP WHAT THE HELL”) I look at it nostalgically and just stare at it. I wonder what was going through in my head when I was drawing said picture.


I guess that what I’m trying to say is that you are always improving, no matter what. Time tells no lies. Yes, it takes lots of time and effort for the practice practice practicing, but it will show in due time. Improvement is never immediate (unless you’re a mary sue/gary stu, like Ichigo in Bleach who can master anything in like 2 seconds), so you have to be patient. Yeah, it’ll be frustrating to not see improvement in 2 days, but it’s always 2 days closer to what you want. You’re always improving, even though it may seem subtle at first.

It’s like what Cicero, the Roman philosopher, said:

“Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis."

The times change, and we change with them.

p.s. kind of just on and off of deviantart. I thought I would be less busy with school out of the way, but work and personal life makes everything more busy for me D:

Mike Doom and Dr. Ratio>>mines!
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jnrnikki Jan 5, 2013  Student
I love your drawings more and more each day xDDDD
and you are more awesome and awesomeeeee
ZMKK Aug 29, 2011  Student General Artist
You seem to be good at perspective and clothing folds. . .both are things I can't do.
Oh, thank you! Haha, it only took me three years, I'm sure you'll improve in the same time (or less)!
omfgbbq rly amazing improvement .______________.
I know right
it's crazyyy
I must've not been looking, cause look at how much you improved it's CRAZY.
(I remember that dream. That was a long time ago)
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